Exceed Your Vision

Global tagline

Exceed Your Vision

The global tagline "Exceed Your Vision" expresses Epson's brand promise to customers in a concise, accessible way.

Brand Positioning Statement

Epson moves you in a powerful way.
And we do this through our commitment to
developing technology that inspires and
empowers people all over the world.

The positioning statement encapsulates what is unique about Epson: Our desire to "inspire" creativity and our ambition to "empower" people globally so they can achieve their goals using Epson's technology.

VISIONS Brand Video

In the years since the Epson brand was created, in 1975, Epson products and services have earned a loyal following around the world.
Every Epson product has a story to tell, a story about contributing to people's lives or work or helping them to fulfill their hopes and dreams; that is, their visions. We created a series of videos to explore the relationship between Epson and the visions pursued by customers and communities worldwide.


Constancy and Change

Hinomaru Jozo Co., Ltd. is a saké brewery located in Akita Prefecture, Japan. Blessed with a local abundance of brewer's rice and groundwater from Mt. Kurikoma in the Ōu mountain range, Hinomaru Jozo has maintained the traditions and culture of saké brewing for centuries.

The brewery creates the saké with tender care and insists that it is beautifully presented when it is released into the world. Epson's SurePress digital label press is helping TrustSeal Incorporated to support Hinomaru Jozo by producing labels that capture the powerful feelings and commitment that go into making the saké.


The Renaissance of Design

The Como region of Italy, long celebrated for its silk, is home to a thriving textile printing industry. And a combination of traditional textile printing techniques with the Epson inkjet technology used in Monna Lisa digital textile printers is bringing further prestige to the Como brand and helping to bring new potential to the textile industry.


True value of the art

Sergio Arau, a musician and artist who works in multiple mediums, has developed an original style of expression called "Art Nacó" that celebrates the unique value and richness of Mexican pop culture. Mexico is a class society, with the majority of Mexicans belonging to the working class.
Sublimation transfer printing helps him to realize his vision of putting his expensive original works of art within reach of the masses.


Educating to change the future

Ninoy Aquino Elementary School is located in Malabon City, just north of the Philippines capital of Manila. It is the largest school in the city, with approximately 5,000 students attending classes that are divided into morning and afternoon sessions. The students of the morning session make their way to school before dawn, at 5 a.m.
With many underprivileged children in their classes, the teachers and staff believe that education is the best way to expand the range of opportunities for their students, and are effectively using ICT (Information Communication Technology) to raise interest and improve results at the school.

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